Castles of Wales – Dolforwyn Castle, Powys:

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If you travel on the main road between Welshpool and Newtown, you will come across the signs to Dolforwyn Castle, and what a gem it is. Dolforwyn Castle can be found on a wooded ridge with commanding views across the Severn Valley and is a fine example of medieval Welsh castle design. 
Llewelyn ap Gruffudd was recognised as the Prince of Wales in 1267, and to maintain his control he ordered the construction of Dolforwyn Castle between 1273 and 1277. The castle does not appear to have been occupied for very long because by 1381 it was already described as being in poor repair. By 1398 the castle was described as “ruinous and worth nothing”. 

It seems that after this date the castle attracted little interest and was almost lost from history. The Castle was given to the Cadw (the Welsh Government historic environmental service) in 1955. Following a long period of excavation, the castle was finally opened to the public. 

Overall it was a great little find. It’s a small castle compared to others, but a beautiful location with fantastic views. It’s worth noting that once off the main road, it’s single track road (with passing places) that takes you to a very small car park (space for about 4 or 5 cars). From the car park there is a steep track up to the castle, it it’s certainly worth making the effort to see this gem of Mid Wales.