Hotel review – Scandic Bygholm Park, Horsens, Denmark

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Scandic Bygholm Park Hotel, Horsens, Denmark:

I booked this hotel at the last minute via a well know booking site and what a pleasant surprise. When I arrived, there was plenty of parking and the whole hotel resembled a Danish Manor House. 
Check in was very quick and efficient, with the benefit of friendly and English speaking staff. Within minutes I was on my way to my room. A standard room on the top floor. 
The room was what I considered a typical scandic hotel room, functional, clean and everything that one could want in a standard room. There was no air conditioning in this hotel, but the rooms had been provided with individual desk fans which made a huge difference. I have lost count of the number of hotels stayed in where it was just to much of a hassle to provide a fan. 

The hotel has an onsite restaurant and I used this for dinner and breakfast. Again the restaurant was clean and the staff very attentive. At dinner there was a choice between a buffet (something I’ve found in a number of scandic hotels) or an al la carte menu. I choose the buffet as from experience this has proven to be very tasty and very reasonable. This buffet was no exception, a choice of salads, bread, potato, fish and meat dishes all hot and very tasty. I always tend to eat early however, so the buffet had just been laid out when I eat, I can’t say what it would have been like a few hours later. 
Top tip – if you go for a buffet, always get there early. The food is hot, fresh and less chance of lots of other people especially kids putting their fingers in it. 
For breakfast the full and comprehensive buffet was available including cold meat and cheeses, a wide selection of breads, crispbreads, jams, and drinks. Hot food including bacon, pancakes and sausages. You would go a long way to find a better breakfast selection, for me anyway it was pretty much perfect. 
The location of this hotel is pretty awesome, it is right next to a large park, with lakes, paths for waking, children’s play area, picnic benches and lots of birds, geese and swans. It is a 5 to 10 minute walk into Horsens itself which is well worth exploring with its good range of shops and cafes.

Overall: I liked this hotel very much because of the location, room price and the service received. Was there anything negative to say during my stay – no not really. If I was in this area, I would definitely use this hotel again.
Top tip – this hotel is within easy reach of Legoland Denmark and is cheaper than the hotels actually in Billund. So worth considering. 

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