Portmerion – a jewel on the coast of North Wales

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For some, Portmerion is the setting for the iconic series ‘The Prisoner’ for others it’s just a glorious Italian village on the North Wales coast. Either way it’s a delightful day out for all the family. The views and gardens are just stunning and when the sun is shining, you could just imagine yourself on the Italian coast. 

As you walk down from the car park, you can see many of the guest houses where you can actually spend the night. The road takes you down past a few of the shops, the central piazza and down to the hotel and the sea. Unfortunately you can go into any of the guesthouse unless you are staying there, which is totally understandable. 

There are a number of places to eat, and I’ve written a separate review on the main hotel restaurant. 

Top tips, visit early, especially if the weather is good because by lunchtime it can become quite crowded. Make a reservation for lunch and you can get your admission taken off the bill. 

I would certainly recommend visiting Portmerion although I have to say it would be better to stay in the hotel or one of the guest houses as you are able to walk around the village when the day tourists have long gone. 

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