So much to do at Lake Vyrnwy – so little time:

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How much can you fit into a day at Lake Vyrnwy – let’s see. We left the car next to the Artisans coffee and gift shop (it also hires out bikes if you want to use two wheels). 
Off we set to walk (only a few hundred yards) to the canoe hire for a quick kayak on the water, great fun and they provide the all important life jacket and tuition (if you need it). 

Then it was back to Artisans for a coffee and slice of cake and I have to say that was very disappointing. The coffee was more milk than coffee and the cake had seen better days so we didn’t bother. It felt as though this coffee shop had the market cornered and therefore didn’t need to do anything else for its customers. This was reiterated when I wanted to be served and the staff seemed more interested in drinking their drinks at the back and chatting. Over 7 minutes I waited to be served (and they knew I was there waiting).

Next it was as visit to the RSPB shop (top tip, they sell coffee in their shop, well worth it and to support RSPB at the same time). Great shop selling usual RSPB things, but also a very good selection of binoculars. 

Then to watch a very informative video presentation in the Severn Water Vyrnwy experience. This was free for visitors and well worth taking the time to watch. We then set out for our walk along the lake road. If you walk right around it is about 15 miles, I have to be honest, I only managed a fraction of this. But it was long enough to see the sheer beauty of Lake Vyrnwy. 

Finding the ‘pecking order’ Totum pole (easily missed if your not careful).

The Victorian ‘training tower’ (unfortunately not open to visitors).

Little beaches (no swimming or fishing is allowed on the lake).

And of course, the dam itself.

Finally we finish at the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, perched above the lake with commanding views. The hotel was very welcoming even though we were not staying the night (£269 pn for a premium room in the summer). We sat on the terrace overlooking the lake with our drinks, relaxed and took in the view. 

The only thing that spoilt it was the rubbish left (not something I would expect from a hotel charging those rates). 

Overalł, Lake Vyrnwy was such a lovely place to visit. Lots of woodland walks, places to park around the lake parimeter road, picnic places and the lake itself. The best time is first thing in the morning and late afternoon / evening as they are less crowds and you can enjoy the peace and quiet. 

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