Castles of Wales – Montgomery Castle, Montgomery, Powys:

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I stumbled across this castle almost by accident whilst seeing it from the road on the way to Welshpool. The castle is set on top of the hill overlooking the town of Montgomery and surrounding countryside and is well worth a visit. 
Unlike Powys Castle, Montgomery Castle is a ruin, but what a castle it must have been in its time. When you walk through from the car park, you see the outer walls, two new bridges linking the outer, middle and inner parts of the castle, the remains of a tower and what would have been a kitchen. It’s an ideal place for a short visit or a picnic so if your in the area, go visit, you won’t be disappointed. 

The castle is one of many Norman castle on the Welsh borders and stems from around 1071-1074, however the stone remnants as we see them today stem from 1223 when the castle was rebuilt. In 1267 the castle was the site of treaty negotiations with King Henry III and the future Prince of Wales Llwelyn ap Gruffudd. Following the final Welsh war, it appears Montgomery Castle became a prison and fortress rather than a front line Castle as it had been.

There is no visitor centre, shop cafe etc, but that’s what makes it so nice. The castle is free to visit and the car park (again free) is at the top of castle hill so you can avoid the climb up to the castle. For those that want the exercise, there is a footpath from the town up to the castle and plenty of places to have a drink on your return. 

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